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Forget what you know about the proprioceptive devices of old that have come and passed, the WAFF is the smartphone of reactive surface training tools. Coaches, medical teams, and performance specialists at the highest level use WAFF in their workflow. WAFF is also being used to empower fitness, pilates, and yoga routines around the world, too.

Find personalized routines

We show you how to perform the exercises, and then it is up to you to make your way through them and achieve perfection through repetition. You decide how long you practice and how many times you repeat each exercise.

Our awesome features
Fuel your inspiration.

All the exercises are short and highly effective on a sensory level, and you will find that five minutes is plenty of time for beneficial results.

Our awesome features
Train the mind and the body

How long you will need to achieve perfection depends on your natural abilities and fitness level.

Our awesome features
Feel the Flow !

We encourage you to integrate these exercises into your fitness routine.

Our awesome features